Cleeve Technology can get it done!

At Cleeve, our success comes from our people. We work in a progressive team environment where people are not labelled with titles or job descriptions because everyone plays an equally vital role in making a difference for our customers. Our customers will never hear that “it can’t be done” because at Cleeve, we work together to make sure we “can get it done.”

About Us

Cleeve Technology Incorporated (Cleeve) is a privately owned Canadian company, serving the aerospace and defence industries for almost 30 years. With a rich history of building partnerships with its customers, Cleeve has established a reputation of excellence in providing innovative solutions throughout the electrical interconnect sector worldwide. Based in the Greater Toronto Area in Oshawa, Ontario, Cleeve’s associate companies are located in a number of locations across Canada, as well as in the UK, Australia, Germany and Holland.

Cleeve Technology Oshawa

With a passion for innovation, quality and environmental safety, our teams of certified engineers and quality control specialists use a systems approach to producing high-tech, state-of-the-art products for industrial, telecommunications, marine, military and aerospace programs. By integrating superior skills and expertise with a commitment to understanding customer needs, Cleeve provides advanced solutions in the development of electrical interconnect products, such as:
• backshells, adaptors and accessories;
• circuit protection;
• conduit;
• connectors;
• contacts;
• environmentally sealed electrical assemblies;
• heat shrinkable molded parts;
• heat shrinkable tubing; and
• wire and cable.

Our knowledge and familiarity with products and assemblies enables us to support the integration and supply of electrical interconnect components and assemblies that meet customer and program requirements in Canada and internationally.

Our History

Representing global manufacturers of electrical interconnect parts and components for military and aerospace applications since 1998, Cleeve continues to expand with a focus on providing solutions to customers’ needs and challenges both regionally and internationally.

Recognizing the benefits of expanding operations for customers in the United Kingdom and Europe, Cleeve launched into the UK with facilities and a team to support one of the largest contracts for supplying electrical interconnect components to the British Military for the Bowman Communication System Program.

In addition, Cleeve has partnered with complimentary companies to service and expand into new markets, such as rail and mass transit, medical, shipboard and marine. As a result, Cleeve continues to provide products and solutions with competitive pricing and lead times, maintaining our position as an industry leader.

While expanding operations into international channels, Cleeve continues to foster close relationships within its local communities, actively participating in aviation and industrial exhibitions and other local trade shows. We value our communities and appreciate opportunities to give back by supporting local charities, sports and cultural organizations; recruiting graduates and co-op students from secondary and post-secondary schools; and fostering the growth of our employees through global experiences.

“Cleeve takes a systems approach to help solve customer problems, with products supplied in a component or sub-assembly form or as a complete electrical system supported with drawings and service manuals.”

– Paul Church, President

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