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​​​​Cleeve Technology International (Cleeve) is a high-tech, innovative company with a high standard of excellence in the electrical interconnect sector of the aerospace and defence industries worldwide. Based in the Greater Toronto Area in Oshawa, Ontario, Cleeve’s associate companies are located in a number of locations across Canada, as well as in the UK, Australia, Germany and Holland.

​​Our Mission
We provide high quality, zero risk electrical interconnect solutions through research, innovation and skilled expertise for use in harsh and challenging environments, such as the aerospace and defence industries, thus allowing our customers to focus on their own core interests and capabilities.

Our Vision
Cleeve is a world leader in providing quality electrical interconnect solutions that support the latest innovations in the supply and manufacturing of aerospace and defence technology. 

Our Values
Cleeve is committed to maintaining high standards in quality, safety and customer service by embracing our core values in everything we do.

• Excellence
• Innovation
• Safety
• Experience

• Reliability 

Experience You Can Trust



Cleeve provides a host of services to support our customers’ requirements, while meeting industry standards and adding value to their supply chains. 


Cleeve continues to provide products and solutions with competitive pricing and lead times, maintaining our position as an industry leader.